Mar 3, 2015

Quick Post: Why Edan is Not "Neo-Reactionary"

  [Very Briefly, from Lew]
  I have been aware of the so-called neo-reactionary writers for about 8 years. I have rarely paid them much mind. King Richard once told me they largely resemble those he calls 'celebrity monarchists' - they are much more interested in a voyeuristic watching of and talking about the topic at hand than any form of action. The fact that they often fail to understand their clutching embrace of Modernism in method as they yearn for Traditionalism in word resulted in me not delving as deeply as the king into their work. I simply haven't the time.

  But social media is the media of surprise. Today the so-called 'leader of neo-reaction' sent out this,

 That's correct - a self-declared leader in thought of neo-reaction stated that the Middle East has no geo-strategic importance.
  At first I assumed that this was satire, but it was immediately followed with this,
  Now I understand why King Richard does not care to be associated with neo-reaction.