Mar 20, 2009

Why the Kingdom of Edan Exists

A question that is asked more by people who are not already active in micronations is, really, pretty straightforward - what is a micronation for? And there are a number of standard answers. Many micronations are for fun. "Fun" micronations have goals ranging from exercises in model government and debating to playing dictator. Fun micronations can be a lot of fun and a few have lasted for many years. A few more are attempts to work out ideological concepts, such as a 'real' Communist nation, or a Green nation. And a few are serious attempts to make new nations, by a variety of means. This being said, the vast majority of micronations are some mix of fun and ideology; a model nation focus or based upon some core idea. People involved in these micronations tend to have a great deal of fun and learn a muchl about how existing governments work - both valuable in and of themselves.

A few more are a mix of ideology and nation-building. These micronations tend to have a core concept of politics, structure, and/or philosophy and a desire to survive and grow with an independent existence as a nation in perpetuity. Edan is firmly in this camp. Indeed, the goals of Edan and the tools that will be used to meet them can be stated clearly.

The purpose of the Kingdom of Edan is to create a sovereign nation whose culture, laws, and values lead to individual and community actions that further the weal of the Kingdom and its citizens while also promulgating those same laws, values, and resultant culture. In other words, the goal of the Kingdom of Edan is to build, maintain, and spread a just and moral civilization.

Over the next few days we will explain the concepts that underlie this goal.
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