Sep 4, 2012

HRM Jennifer on Hobbies of a Lady

Recently a prospective citizen asked HRM Jennifer,
  "What are proper hobbies for a lady?"
  Her Majesty's response is copied here.
"Traditionally, of course, ladies were encouraged to learn needlework and embroidery, play a musical instrument and/or sing, draw or paint, and be attentive to written correspondence.  I believe these hobbies were thought to be noble because they did not involve base labor, but were about creating beauty and cultivating relationships, which are both very feminine ideals.  I think, in our modern world, we can expand those concepts a little bit to include other, more labor-intensive tasks associated with creating beauty in our homes and for the people around us, including sewing, fiber crafts, home decorating, gardening, even cooking and baking.  Photography could be a modern addition to painting and drawing, a way to capture and catalog the beauty around us.  Keeping written journals, of your thoughts and life events, nature, current events, all could leave a lasting legacy, especially in our digital age.  Reading, studying, and increasing your knowledge and understanding of God's world is also always a noble pursuit.  Working and assisting those less fortunate than you can be a valuable use of time and energy, especially for single women.  In my opinion, exploring the talents God gave you is almost always a good and proper thing, so be sure to be true to yourself and your interests in your hobbies.  Remember to keep in mind the ideals of beauty and relationships, avoid those things which are crass or immodest, and always seek God's glory."
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