Aug 22, 2013

A Brief Article from Prince Nicholas [age 10]

I look around me and find a great number of things have changed in the last couple of years. Perhaps most noticeable is the state of currency. Money matters more now;about a century ago,you could be completely out of money and still survive. Farmers needed no money, only barter and their own food. Some artists could have powerful patrons who paid for you while you created.,
Sadly, in the modern world if you have no cash or income you face greater pressures and working for a patron is seen as a bad thing.
  Now don't get me wrong; money is good and makes trade easier. However, it should not be the difference between life and death.
  This also shows the lack of charity these days; we expect government or employers to do things, not us.
  And now imagine if 99% of all money vanished over night - civilization as a whole would collapse, governments would fall, there would be riots and wars.
  After all,money means everything, right?
  Please think about this and how we can make a world where money is less important.
  Thank you
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