Aug 29, 2013

How Edan Works: The Ministries and the Cabinet

  The various elements of executive power are divided into six ministries; State, Justice, Armed Forces, Finance, Foreign Affairs, and Information. The head of each ministry serves as a member of the Cabinet. The duties of each ministry are as follows.
The Ministry of State- Responsible for the internal affairs of the Kingdom, including: maintaining a census; running the Grand Census and Royal Census; social welfare efforts; utilities and infrastructure (including transportation); housing; and the environment.
Ministry of Justice- Responsible for law enforcement, search and rescue, prison supervision, and the training of justice personnel.
Ministery of the Armed Forces- Oversees all military forces and training standards of the same.
Ministery of Finance- Oversees the Royal Treasury, Royal Bank, coining of money, taxation, and financial regulation.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Oversees and manages all ambassadors, consuls, diplomats, etc.
Ministry of Information- Oversees the Royal Library, the Assembly Library, the Royal Archives, and all Royal Media including internet communications.

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