Aug 13, 2013

How Edan Works – the Balance of Powers

  The goal of Edan is to have a just, ethical, and moral government that is also as stable as possible. In imitation of the perfection of Heaven Edan is ruled by a king. The king is the Head of State and the Head of Government, highest commander of military forces, and the enforcer of all laws. Indeed, the sovereignty of the Kingdom is an extension of the king's sovereignty and all laws are, in the end, the expression of his authority.
Since men are not perfect and it is possible for a weak or unjust king to harm a nation and its people the King limits his own power by swearing to obey the constitution; in effect, the constitution is the King's oath to his people as to how he will limit himself and his government.
Nobles are also part of and an extension of the king's authority. The king grants them a portion of his sovereignty and authority and, in return, they must justly and faithfully lead those of the kings subjects in their care. The nobles and their rights and privileges are also a bulwark against a bad king – while a good king can improve things overall nobles can shield themselves and their subjects from a bad king's actions.
The constitution also empowers the Assembly with primary legislative duties. The two branches of the Assembly, the Council and the Senate, debate and formulate the budgets and laws of the kingdom, subject tot he king's approval. The Council is made up of the senior nobles and is another method for them to aid a good king and hinder a bad king. The Senate is comprised of elected citizens and is the method in which the citizens have a voice in government. Again, the Senate can aid a good king and hinder a bad king.
Together, these elements represent a solid balance of power; the king limits himself and the nobles and citizens have a voice in government, all while maintaining a strong monarchy.
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