Jun 25, 2007

Discussion of the First Draft of the Constitution, part 7

Article 25 Richts of the Members of the Assembly
This discusses the limited legal immunity of Senators and Councilors as well as how and when the Assembly can change its own pay.

Article 26 The Legislative Process
A general discussion of how to introduce legislation, how it is approved, the Sovereign's line-item veto, and the process of veto override.

Article 27 Expenditures
This description of how budgets are proposed and passed ended up being a nightmare. By both demanding that the budget be the First and Only Order of Business Until Passed and setting triggers that prolonged debate could A) last months and B) result in the dissolution of government and special elections, we soon realized that even a few disgruntled people could force the Kingdom to do nothing but debate the budget and hold special elections indefinately!
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