Jun 25, 2007

Discussion of the First Draft of the Constitution, part 8

Article 28 Sessions and Conclaves
This explains when the Assembly works. 'Session' means 'period between elections' and 'Conclave' means 'periods when the Assembly actually works'. While this was meant to clearly delineate when Assemblymen worked and allow time for campaigning and meeting citizens, the result is that the Assembly can work as little as 4 months out of the year in 2 two month segments and there is no mechanism for emergency Conclaves!

Article 29 Votes of Confidence
If you thought the budget was a potential nightmare! The way that votes of confidence are formatted in the first draft means that each year there are as many as 9 chances to dissolve the Assembly - without any form of extraordinary review, no triggering events, and no repercussions! This might need review.
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