Jun 25, 2007

Discussion of the First Draft of the Constitution, part 6

Article 22 The Assembly; the Council
This establishes the Council as a counter-point to the Senate in the bicameral houses of the legislature. The Council is, here, based on Provinces. Councilors serve longer terms than Senators, there are fewer of them, and they are strictly regional. So they are in some ways much more like the British House of Lords. Although it is not mentioned, Councilors were meant to be elected by regional 'first past the post' voting.

Article 23 The First Senator
This describes the First Senator's duties a bit and explains about the Secretary of the Senate, who keeps the official record of legislation and debate.

Article 24 The President of the Council
The President of the Council was originally planned to fulfill a role identicle to that of President in a parliamentary system - a symbol of the nation with neither the sovereignty of the King or positional power of the First Senator, but above the First Senator in precedence for such things as treaties and visits by Heads of State. This article also mentions the Secretary of the Council with suties similar to the Secretary of the Senate
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