Jun 26, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

[Always Being Updated]

1) What is Edan?
Edan is a micronation.

2) How is 'Edan' pronounced?
It rhymes with 'he can'.

3) When did you start Edan?
I became interested in micronations in 1997 and joined the now-defunct Republic of Lomar in 1998 (long before their issues with fraud, thank goodness). In October, 1999 I wrote up the first draft of the Constitution (which has been made available on this blog) and my first new citizen joined the next day.

4) How serious are you?
About Edan? Very serious. But let me give you some history. My initial goal with Edan was similar to some of the Libertarian micronations – the acquisition of territory and the striving for macronational recognition. Then, in very early 2001 I realized that while I had an elaborate constitution and eager citizens, I had done a poor job or explaining the theories and motivations behind Edan. .
At that time the Edanian web presence came to an end to avoid being a tool for fraud, however unwitting. But I continued to work with the various citizens of Edan on the country and realized something important.
I was doing things in the wrong order. I truly believe that the next century or two will see a radical change in how people define themselves, citizenship, and nations. Rather than willy-nilly trying to become ‘just another’ one of the nations that exist now, I realized that I need to nail down a comprehensive idea of what people need, want, and will belong to in the future.
So Edan is returning to theory first. This blog will, hopefully, be a forum for anyone interested in politics, sovereignty, citizenship, nationhood and how these ideas are changing to sound off and work with me in an attempt to turn Edan from a theory into a model nation into a cause and, eventually, into the next kind of “real” nation.

5) Can I become an Edanian Citizen?
Yes. We encourage you to participate in the discussions first, but anyone over the age of 17 is free to apply for citizenship, with certain limitations.

6) Can I be a Noble?
Typically it takes a combination of time and reasons to become a noble in Edan. The nature and structure of Edan means that more nobles will (indeed, must) be elevated. If you wish to be a noble - become a citizen and work for and be dedicated to the kingdom and it will come.

7) Can I be a Knight?
Membership in Orders of Knighthood is currently open, but is a reward for service to Edan or charitable activities.

8) Do I need to renounce my citizenship in [country x] to become an Edanian?
In short, no. Most macronations accept dual citizenships. Those macronations that do not (such as the United States) simply ignore any citizenships but their own.

9) Do I need to renounce my citizenship in [micronation y] to become and Edanian?
It is preferred that you avoid any form of official position or title within other micronations after you join the Kingdom of Edan.

10) So I have to be a Catholic?
No, there is freedom of belief in Edan so you can be a pagan and be pro-abortion, but you cannot really change those aspects of the Kingdom. If they are that important to you, you should stay with another micronation.

11) So – tell me more about this ‘Catholic Nation’ thing
The Kingdom of Edan holds the Catholic Church as the National Church. Thus, the laws and policies of Edan are explicitly pro-life, pro-social justice, anti-Communist, pro-family, and pro-religion. Citizens have freedom of belief so they do not have to be Catholic.

12) If I become a citizen, what will I do?
At this time, mainly three things:
1) Discuss the theory of how to make a government/nation/society/culture that provides a stable government and society, vibrant culture, has long-term stability, and maintains an moral and ethical outlook while maximizing freedoms
2) Work on the initial plans on how to bring these goals about, either by modifying existing structures, making Edan a reality, a combination of these, or something completely different
3) Have a ton of fun with friends both doing the admin of a model nation and the actually building of a society.
4) Help us build charities, banks, international relations, and all sorts of other things.

13) I have a micronation, too! Will you sign a treaty/join a group/grant me recognition/etc?
In short, no. In detail, the Montevideo Conference says all that needs to be said about the nature of sovereignty, the creation of nations, etc. The Kingdom of Edan is not currently pursuing territory and its limited economic activity is no interface with other micronations right now. Once theory ends and building begins, this may change, but that is some time off.

14) Will join my Micronational group/Council/etc?
Again, no. The goals of the Kingdom of Edan are serious and, unfortunately, the goals of many micronations are not.

14) OK – What the heck is this blog for?!
The Kingdom of Edan is not ready, yet. There is a plan in place, believe it or not, that looks a little like this;
1) Work on political theory about the why and how of Edan
2) At the same time, put that how into a Constitution
3) Once the constitution is as close to finished as possible, begin looking for like-minded people to join Edan
4) Once enough citizens join, act as a model country to see if the how works in the abstract
5) After the abstract bugs are ironed out, move toward territorial sovereignty
6) OR continue to act as a non-territorial nation, based upon developments in theory, model development, and macropolitics
I originally expected parts 1 through 4 to take about 3 years. The first two years convinced me I was being too optimistic. This blog is, I hope, the last phase of parts 1 and 2 and I hope to begin phase 3 no later than January, 2010.
This blog is a tool for me and other citizens – and potential citizens, those interested in politics, etc., - to complete steps 1-2 and begin step 3.
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