Jun 22, 2007

Discussion of the First Draft of the Constitution, part 2

Chapter III (finally, how this might work!)
Part I (just the big stuff, here)
Article 6 Elections
The goal here is to explain how elections work. Unfortunately, there isn't enough detail! I need to explain that this is meant to be a list proportional system at the level of the Senate and that the D'Hont Method. Also, there may need to be a need to remove the deadline and replace it with language to something 'as soon as practicable'

Article 7 Organizational Principles
Here I am trying to explain that while there are three branches of government, like the American system, the King is not just the executive - he is, indeed, the Sovereign

Article 8 Powers of the Kingdom
Good, but needs to mention Royal Monopolies, Royal charters, etc.

This is where the first draft really started to come up short. The section on elections was fuzzy and the list of powers of the kingdom was too short and had no mechanism other than "let's pass a ton of laws before anyone notices there are no rules, quick!"
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