Jun 21, 2007

First Draft of the Constitution, part 1

This is the first section of the Constitution of Edan, something that has undergone a serious re-write from its first version of 1999. My goal is to show the first draft and comment on it to explain what was wrong with it. then we will go over the current version and also review, and then try to write a final version!


In accordance with the inherent right of all people to be free, to gather together, and to determine their own destiny, the Kingdom of Edan is formed to protect the freedoms of its own citizens and to stand as an example to the people of the world.

Chapter I The Kingdom of Edan

Article 1 Citizenry and Language

(1) Citizens of the Kingdom of Edan are all people granted citizenship as detailed by law or children who are either;

(a) Under the age of 18 at the time of the naturalization of their parent(s).

(b) Born after the naturalization of their parent(s).

(2) The official languages of the Kingdom of Edan are American English and Latin.

(3) The full name of the State of Edan is "The Kingdom of Edan". The short form of the State's name is "Edan". The three-letter abbreviation is KED. Citizens are referred to as "Edanians" or "Edani".

Article 2 Nature of the Kingdom of Edan

(1) The Kingdom of Edan is a sovereign monarchy with a democratically elected bi-cameral government. The sovereignty of the nation is derived from the sovereignty of the King, and the mutual oaths taken by the King and the citizens of Edan.

(2) As an expression of the King’s sovereignty and the instrument of the oaths of King and citizen, this constitution is the source of the structure and government of the Kingdom.

Article 3 Royal and National Heraldry, National Symbols, and National Capitol

(1) The flag of the Kingdom of Edan is an ensign with a ratio of 3:5; the field shall be black with a vertical stripe of gold of one-tenth the width of the ensign placed one-tenth of the width of the ensign from the outer, or fly, end. Between this stripe and the outer, or fly, end shall be placed seven evenly spaced Maltese crosses in a vertical column. The crosses shall each be gold and shall have a height and width of one-eighth the height of the flag. Black is the heraldric color that represents courage and gold is the color that represents purity of purpose. The seven crosses, one for each continent, reflect that the ideals of Edan pertain to the entire Earth.

(2) The coat of arms and seal of the Kingdom of Edan is a black shield bordered in gold with a centered Maltese cross, also of gold. Below shall be the national motto. The royal coat of arms and seal shall be a black shield bordered in gold with a large Jerusalem cross, also of gold, centered.

(3) The national motto is "Our path is Freedom, our shield is Truth, our sword is Justice".

(4) The national anthem of the Kingdom of Edan is “Mars, the Bringer of War” by Gustav Holst.

(5) The capitol of the Kingdom of Edan is to be determined by legislation. Until such time, it shall be the Royal Palace of the Sovereign.

Chapter II Objectives of the Kingdom of Edan

Article 4 General Constitutional Objectives

(1) The Kingdom upholds the inherent and inalienable rights of the national citizenry.

(2) The Kingdom promotes:

(a) The rights of its citizens as individuals.

(b) The welfare, health, and safety of its citizenry.

(c) The development and preservation of a unique Edanian culture.

Article 5 Defense of the Kingdom

(1) It is the duty and obligation of the Kingdom to protect its citizens.

(2) The Kingdom takes adequate measures to preserve its integrity and the safety of its citizens even in times of war or civil war.

(3) The Kingdom protects its citizenry and its own integrity against terrorism, extremism, and catastrophes.

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